No matter how many features for automatic detection and processing filters are provided from modern x-ray equipment , the final decision must always be made from a well -trained operator. An x-ray machine is just a tool in their hands.

In fact, the best and most expensive screening equipment is only of limited use, if the operator fails to recognize the threat in the provided x-ray image.

According to many researchers and tests in the aviation security industry, as the most regulated field of security screening, the human operator is currently the weakest link in airport security. Therefore, effective and efficient training should still be the the highest priority in all types of security operations.

The unival group is one of the leading German provider of highly customized mobile solutions. Thanks to our expertise in different areas (Screening, Electronic warfare, CBRN, EOD …) we already supplied many different solutions world wide. For every mobile solution delivered to our costumers, we provide adequate training for individual operators, collective training for operator teams and maintenance training for service personnel.

State of art equipment and effective training will enable maximal utilization of offered solution.

Our team of highly specialized professionals will adapt training plan and program to your needs and delivered product so we can guaranteed full functionality of such comprehensive solution.