European Civil Aviation Technical Service (STAC) certifed x-ray device has low conveyor unit which facilitates the placement of heavy objects into the device. It simplifies the operators use thanks to the various image processing functions, hazard alarm, advanced computer technology and the best in class software. It makes it extraordinarily easy to scan threats such as cutting tools, explosive narcotics and reduces the rate of error.

It provides unique image quality by showing the scanned organic, inorganic and mixed objects in different colors thanks to its multi-diode structure and quality in imaging of scanned objects. It is an efficient and a powerful device for scanning medium and large bags and packages in detail. Institutions ensure that packages are inspected in places where inspection is required, such as high traffic checkpoints, city transportation (metro, ferry, train stations), customs border crossings, prisons, and courier depots, like international logistics companies, goods acceptance points and etc.