unival stationary frequency jamming solutions XWJ2 S are designed to provide maximum protection against bomb detonation and unwanted communication links in large buildings and other facilities and installations. The types of installations where these systems are in use include:

  • Government facilities
  • Military compounds and installations
  • Parliamentary buildings
  • Embassies
  • Detention facilities
  • Military shelters
  • Army- and Police checkpoints
  • Municipal facilities
  • Airports

unival’s powerful XWJ2 S jamming systems are capable of completely suppress all RF communication signals in small and large defined areas. Due to its modular design, the unival XWJ2 S can be adopted to various perimeter dimensions and jamming operations.

XWJ2 S can be connected to command and control centers via ethernet or fiber optic cables.

Like for all other modular unival XWJ2 jamming systems, the XWJ2 S is fully digitally controlled (DDS/ FPGA) and freely programmable.