Quick and robust inspection is easily achieved with the XRC 60-40DV thanks to its Liquid Explosive Detection Systems (LEDS) Standard 2 and Standard 3 Type C issued by European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) and American Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) ACSTL certification. It facilitates the operators use thanks to the various image processing functions, hazard alarm, advanced computer technology and the best in class software and enables easy identification of potentially threatening objects such as cutting tools, explosives narcotics and minimizes the error rate. 

It is designed with dual view (DV) technology. Thanks to its 2 x-ray generator sources, it provides high resolution and detailed imaging in horizontal and vertical angles. The images can be accessed with a single scan without the need to re-place the packages in a different orientation. Thus, hidden objects in the luggage are detected more easily and quickly. With the help of its multi-diode structure and quality in imaging of scanned objects, image is colored based on density and shows organic, inorganic and mixed materials in different tones. Small handbags, packages parcels and cabin baggage are suitable for scanning and offers the ideal solution for locations where security screening is required like airports checkpoints, police departments, ministries, prisons, institutions, courts, airlines, international customs logistics.