Security is an organic process and requires a permanent and risk-based adaptation of the relevant and adequate protective measures. A balance between too much and too little protection must be struck after entrepreneurial risk assessment.

With our 360° approach we help you to define risk levels and can offer you technology consulting and comprehensive services from a single source. With more than 20 years of international expertise and certified partners, we can offer you holistic services in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

unival group has become one of the leading integrators and solution providers for complex and redundant security systems for the protection of public and critical infrastructures.
Due to our unique position as developer, manufacturer, special integrator and OEM, we can guarantee highest German quality standards both for large series products and for small series with high customer requirements that require extensive individual research and development. We are active worldwide in more than 50 countries with specially selected partners and can guarantee turnkey project management even in difficult and remote environment.

Based on our comprehensive experience, we also offer specialized security consultancy services to our clients, as the demand for redundant safety solutions has increased considerably, both in governmental and industrial environments. Very few companies in Germany and on a global scale are able to offer the unival expertise as single planer, solution provider and integrator.

Security is a result of three major elements:  TECHNOLOGY, PROCEDURES AND PEOPLE. These elements are equally important and need to be individually scaled in order to achieve the best results in the given environment. We are helping our clients to overcome the challenges they are facing with the lack of established standards. With professional security procedures in place, we are helping people to make the best possible use of available technology in order to master sophisticated security threats.

The unival group Multi-Level Security Concept represents an organic and feasible combination of all security means and techniques.

Our Security consultancy services can be conducted individually or in sets of programs depending of the individual requirement. When accepting security mandates, we differentiate whether our activities are part of a unival project planning, or whether the customer requires neutral advice, which enables him to initiate a procurement or awarding process after completion of the advice by means of a tender.

Consulting processes are therefore either directly managed by unival group GmbH as part of a project management or by our subsidiary C3Germany GmbH as part of an independent mandate.



Project Management German project management together with comprehensive planning competence has been always the key to success for all of our projects. The thorough selection of security products and partners guarantees an effective and precise realization of even the most complex projects.

From planning phase to integration we are always maintaining close contact with our clients. German precision combined with the right amount of flexibility is the key to complete a project with the highest satisfaction rate for the end user.

Having executed hundreds of projects around the world has shaped our experience in order to help our clients to maximizing their investments and protecting their interest by reducing unwanted costs and delays.

As part of our security consultancy service we are providing the following services: Security Gap Analysis, Security Threat and Risk Assessment, Technical Design and Ballistic and Blast Tests and Simulations, Tendering Packages and BoQs, Contracting and Procurement Analysis, Project Management, Security Manuals and Security Training.

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