Modern screening equipment offering wide range of capabilities to detect contrabands and dangerous goods. With high demand for screening of many different objects ( Trains, Trucks, Busses, Cars, Bags, other items) and persons, security market offers wide range of screening technologies and equipment. Strictly believing in available brochures will create wrong expectations with unsuccessful outcome. No matter how modern technology is, there is no equipment without limitation in some form. There for, depending on task and requirements, different combination of equipment, organized in optimum way will provide full functionality for specific checkpoint.

By ignoring some factors, we can simply separate Screening checkpoints in to 2 types: Vehicle Checkpoint and Person Checkpoint. Furthermore, Vehicle Checkpoints can be organized for different vehicle categories, Truck Checkpoint, Car Checkpoint, Bus Checkpoint, Combined Checkpoint. Person Checkpoints we can differentiate by place of installation in to Airport Checkpoints, Prison Checkpoints, Hotel Checkpoints, Bank Checkpoints, Governmental institution Checkpoints and many others.

Sometimes, due to lack of experience, client simply wants to copy already existing solution which has been proven in some similar ambient. Usually it causes that state of art equipment failed to fulfill users expectations.

Process of Checkpoint design, in our case, takes in consideration many factors, and depends on Checkpoint type, we can combine many different equipment and technologies in order to create the most efficient solution for particular case.

First of all, we will create team of designate professionals who have previous experience in same type of Checkpoint design. They will use proven cases with previous practical implementation as a base for Checkpoint planning.

Understanding of client needs and requirements would be achieved through extensive discussions and consultations. Jointly conclusions will be put in correlations with defined threats and risks in order to precisely determine screening goals for that specific case ( f.e. similar checkpoints like Hotel Checkpoint and Bank checkpoint will not have a same goal nor threats).

Once we define and analyze all possible threats, our team will create a list of equipment with required technical specifications, in order to eliminate defined threats. That will include all necessary components which must be compatible with each other. If it is necessary, we will also suggest appropriate integration with existing devices.

Considering all parameters of Checkpoint placement and clients capabilities, our team will suggest adequate Component placement and Workflow algorithm, which will guaranteed maximum efficiency of existing solution. In this process, we use all existing guidance and standards ( from TSA, ECAC, CAAC, DfT, STAC and others) in order to be compliant with local legislations and global trends.

This kind of approach, guarantees maximum efficiency of installed Checkpoint and cost effective solution, which will eliminate mistakes in planning phase. What has been proven by experience is that carefully planed and developed Projects are much cheaper and easier for implementation.