After an extensive planning and design phase, the new unival LPSS | Loss Prevention Screening System went live at one of the leading European distributors and is now going through a six months POC phase. The deep integration of dedicated hardware and software allows for a unique data-driven security screening process.

The LPSS system provides all relevant numbers for analysis in real-time, with complete alarm type classification, number of alarms, screening time, evidence recordings and other relevant data. 

unival designed and assembled a fully integrated multi-sensor solution that combines the powerful detection capabilities of the market-leading Terahertz imaging by #Thruvision and best-in-class ferrous metal detection by #Metrasens, all centrally supervised and managed by #Geutebruck’s newest Security Information Management System, G-SIM X Panopticom.

unival also designed & supplied customized screening cabins with integrated ID card readers, to make the screening process as efficient and comfortable as possible for all staff, while neatly fitting into a high-level CI environment.

What is so special about the LPSS system? It combines a respectful, friendly and COVID19-safe staff screening system with highly automated full data management, central supervision and unmatched detection capabilities for modern, growth-oriented distribution and fulfilment centers.

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unival Loss Prevention