The unival SURVEILLANCE VAN is a modular, vehicle based surveillance platform, which allows comprehensive intelligence operations, including COMINT & SIGINT.
unival SURVEILLANCE VAN in operational surveillance mode
unival SURVEILLANCE VAN in operational surveillance mode

The unival SURVEILLANCE VAN allows intelligence agencies or law enforcement to conduct multi-level surveillance missions.

The following modular sensors are available (but not limited to):
  • HD video surveillance & monitoring
  • HD audio surveillance & monitoring
  • Radar surveillance
  • COMINT & SIGINT sensors
  • Digital communication jamming with optional drone jamming upgrade
  • Integrated Surveillance Drone Operation system
All equipment comes with extensive analytical and processing units, thus enhancing the operators’ capabilities for real-time data analysis and decision-making. All collected data is passed via data link to a central Command & Control Room, in order to coordinate all surveillance activities.

The unival SURVEILLANCE VAN comes with extensive modular features and can be customized according to the customer’s requirements:

  • Independent power operation for surveillance missions without engine running or external power connector
  • Additional climate control system for hot-climate
  • Customizable Surveillance Suite (Video/Audio/Radar/COMINT/SIGINT/…)
  • Internal room for up to 4 operators
  • Team leader console at front seat
  • 360° Surveillance
  • Extensive integrated communication array
  • Remote Control of surveillance systems via Command & Control Room
  • Integrated Mobile Surveillance Drone Operation Platform