MSS | MOBILE SCREENING SOLUTIONS is the new address for highly specialized mobile screening vehicles and security applications based on Mercedes-Benz vehicle platforms.
In order to prevent terrorist attacks, a 100% detection of weapons and contrabands such as explosives will be necessary. In order to face the new challenges of current and future security threats, screening of all relevant persons and their accompanying luggage in realtime becomes crucial for public safety. It is therefore necessary to improve and mobilize screening resources.

MSS addresses exactly these scenarios, offering customized mobile screening solutions, fully modular and flexible for different screening applications.

The MOBILE CHECKPOINT SCREENING VAN is a multi-purpose scanning vehicle, which provides up to 100% of weapon and contraband detection, both on persons and hand luggage.


The innovative MOBILE CHECKPOINT SCREENING VAN concept stands for fast and efficient screening at many different scenarios, such as public events, small airports, official governmental outside venues and many others. The mobile deployment of the MOBILE CHECKPOINT SCREENING VAN allows an unmatched flexibility and helps to decrease costs and scanning time.