The XWJ2 C | CONFERENCE ROOM JAMMING SYSTEM is a fully programmable stationary jammer for communication jamming up to 7.200 MHz within buildings like prison cells, conference rooms and other stationary in- and outdoor jamming operations. It prevents any communication within rooms or complete properties, but avoids any health issues, due to its smart digital programming features. Jamming stand-alone operation is possible, as well as network-controlled operation.

XWJ2 C | CONFERENCE ROOM JAMMING SYSTEM  can be upgraded to band selective responsive jammers. This upgrade feature only turns ON, the jammer in a detected frequency range, if a suspicious frequency activity is detected. Our jamming systems can do both (active and/ or band selective reactive jamming).This depends on the fields of operations. We recommend ACTIVE jamming in environments where threat frequencies have to be stopped generally.

XWJ2 C can be connected to command and control centers via ethernet or fiber optic cables.

Like for all other modular unival XWJ2 jamming systems, the XWJ2 C is fully digitally controlled (DDS/ FPGA) and freely programmable.