A hotel security manager, especially in luxury properties located in a high risk environment, has to deal with constantly emerging threats.
Terror attacks, smuggling of weapons and explosives, theft cases, fire-fighting, evacuation procedure, insurance issues, guest behavior,… the list could be continued endlessly.
The right equipment and security concept is therefore a crucial part of a modern 5* hotel property. unival group has a comprehensive, multi-level security approach, in order to give the hotel the best quality of training, equipment and support needed, to counter any possible threat.


The tasks of the hotel security department have been increased tremendously during the last decade: The shift of terrorism from hard targets like military bases and airports to soft targets like hotels had resulted in bombings with IEDs, hostage situations and active shooter scenarios in hotels all around the world.

  • Firefighting
  • Safety procedures
  • Insurance issues
  • Theft cases
  • and others …

  • Access control & screening
  • VIP protection
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Protective Intelligence
  • and others …

Facing those tasks, hotel security has to deal often with decreased budgets, failing equipment and untrained personnel, along with annoyed guests, who are complaining about increased security measures.

Furthermore, in order to achieve best results, modern hotel security should to fulfill the following points (but not limited to):
  • Not affecting the comfort of the guests
  • A good balance between visible and invisible security measures (to give guests a safety feeling and to discourage potential trouble makers)
  • Reliable and unintrusive screening technologies for bags and persons
  • Monitoring of all critical areas of a hotel
  • Special protection for VIPs
  • Crisis and worst-case scenario first response (counter-terrorism)


Hotel security should be integrated as early as possible. Therefore, the special service unival offers starts from the planning phase, to the product integration, up to individual and reliable support.
Our extensive experience in the high-risk security sector enables us to deliver turn-key delivery of projects, flexible and customized.


Due to a recent study within the Kempinski Chain and conducted by the IUBH School of Business & Management, Germany, all interviewed regional security managers agreed, that the integration of hotel security measures should ideally start at the planning phase of a new hotel property, so they can be integrated during the constructional phase.
Therefore, unival offers a customized, multi-level security solution, conceptualized together with leading security experts during the planning phase of a hotel.
The best conceptualization should be done together with the architect of the new hotel property. Aside from that, unival also offers a comprehensive security upgrade of existing properties.
  • High quality, multi-level and comprehensive security concept
  • German top-line and high quality security equipment
  • Exceptional price-value ratio
  • Profound knowledge of modern hotel security
  • Customized, individual and realistic security solutions
  • Long-time experience in high-risk security environments


The screening and access control of vehicles is one of the most important tasks of the hotel security, in order to find explosives and to hinder any potential threat vehicle to access the inner hotel property.
Traditional methods like search mirrors and searching of the trunk are not meeting any longer the evolving threat of vehicle-borne IEDs. Hotels have been damaged extensively by VBIEDs, as trucks and vans carried up to several tons of explosives in the past.
In order to provide a smooth and efficient screening, multiple security measures should be implemented, which should be fast and reliable.


The unival HIGH SECURITY BOLLARD system consists of special retractable security bollards, which fit in nicely into any servicescape of a 5* luxury property. They provide maximum security without disturbing the luxury flair.
  •  Absorbs up to 656,000 joules energy
  • (6800kg truck at 50km/h in less than 1m)
  • Build-in hydraulic drive unit to avoid loss of power on underground pipes
  • No pipes with oil under pressure
  • Emergency Fast Operation Circuit for rapid rising in 1.5 s
  • Built-in LED lights for high visibility (also in the dark) and increased safety
  • Bollard is retractable and can be customized in color reducing the visual impact on its surrounding environment.

unival K9 | SNIFFER DOGS

As no technical device can match the perception of a dog’s nose, unival provides German breed, trained and certified sniffer dogs for explosive detection. They can be used for checking vehicles for traces of explosives fast and efficiently.

The certified training of the special purpose dogs and their K9 handlers is done according to highest German quality standards; The K9 handlers of the German Counter-terrorism forces, the German Military Special Forces and our international governmental clients have been trained accordingly.


The personal search of persons by the hotel security staff is often considered to be very annoying by the guests, though necessary in high-risk environments.

unival focuses therefore on discrete and efficient screening equipment, which will give the guests every comfort they need, without compromising security.


The uniSCAN® CONPASS Full Body Scanner technology is based on the slot-scanning principle, where the person is inspected by a narrow transmitting X-ray beam with very low intensity. Due to its extremely low radiation dose, this is the only technology which can be applied for personal inspection with the possibility to detect items, concealed inside the body.
The uniSCAN® CONPASS PXS makes it possible to detect and recognize within seven seconds all TSA prohibited items, such as explosives, weapons and drugs. No separate scan for shoes is required.
Metal detectors in the entrance areas of a luxury hotel are often an annoyance for the guests, often followed by full body checks.


Therefore, unival presents the uniSCAN® FMD PLUS - FERRO-MAGNETIC METAL DETECTOR, which is a portable full body security scanner, which detects ferrous metal objects, e.g. knives, firearms, phones or many others. It’s unique design blends in nicely in any luxury environment. Furthermore, no jewellery or Gold is detected, which is especially useful in luxury hotels.
  • Easily deployable (30 sec.), single person setup, simple to operate
  • Moving field perturbation triggers a visual/ audible alarm
  • Freestanding or wall mounted option
  • Enables covert screening operations
  • Detects BEFORE person is passing the door
  • Unobtrusive overt installations
  • More sensitive to small steel blades and cell phones
  • Entirely passive system
  • Permanent power or battery powered
It has been successfully in use in many 5* hotels in India, after the devastating terrorist attacks on Mumbai in 2008.


uniSCAN® 3D X-RAY SCANNERS employ innovative new feature sets to deliver exceptional threat detection capabilities. Through an advanced ergonomic interface, operators can manipulate and enhance scanned images in a variety of ways to better pinpoint and evaluate potential threats. The overall threat detection process is enhanced automatically, by a suite of software guided tools and feature sets, including extended, configurable threat libraries, which makes them especially useful in 5* luxury hotels
  • 3-D Perspective Dual Energy Imaging
  • Advanced Dynamic Pseudo Density Layering
  • Icon-driven GUI with LCD touch screen
  • Threat alert and material classification
  • Automatic Risk Assessment
  • Digital picture of scanned object
  • One-touch, Instant View Last Five Bags
  • Multilingual operation
  • Network Ready
  • Auto archiving


The presidential suite of a hotel has to provide exceptional security for its VIP guests. May it be a governmental habitué, a corporate CEO or a famous VIP guest from the show business, they all consider their suite as secure and safe, once they entered the door.
For that reason, unival offers an exceptional security upgrade, which includes blast and ballistic protection, special security locking systems, enhanced monitoring and surveillance and many others.


These security upgrades have been applied in several 5* properties, which are therefore able to house V.V.I.P.s, such as governmental leaders.
Together with its partner for constructional security, unival provides enhanced protection for the presidential suites of 5* luxury hotels. The first part of the security upgrade includes
  • High Security Windows: Ballistic protected FB7-NS (EN 1522/1523) & burglary RC6 (EN 1627) protected
  • High Security Doors: Ballistic protected FB7-NS (EN 1522/1523) & burglary RC6 (EN 1627) protected
The installed windows and doors are especially designed to withstand any shots up to 7.62 x 51 Full Metal Jacket/Armor Piercing/Hard Core rounds and can absorb energy up to 3261 joule. All windows and doors are individually adapted to the suites design, so the protection is not affecting the luxury comfort.


Decades of experience and thousands of successful video security systems are the guarantees for high-end German CCTV technology by GEUTEBRÜCK. The perfect combination of in-house software and hardware components with carefully selected third-party products provide optimal functionality, a high level of reliability and the best quality possible.
  • Big variety of CCTV cameras to select the best technology for your application
  • Latest Image Analyzing Software to increase the security level of your 5* hotel property
  • Forensics approved Hybrid and IP Network Recorders to achieve high availability of evidence
  • Total Security System Integrations to manage complicated information efficiently
  • Integration into existing CCTV systems (analog/digital)
  • State-of-art Alarm Management Systems, to give you right information at right time
  • High-end Thermal & Night vision cameras

GEUTEBRÜCK G-SIM is one of the most effective and state-of-the-art CCTV Alarm Management Software on the market, including comprehensive security information systems and image analyzing tools.
Furthermore, interfaces with other unival security measures exist, e. g. uniTAG TRACKING PORTAL, unival biometric readers and high-secure electronic locks.
  • What do your cameras do?
  • What do your users do?
  • What happens on your premises?
With G-SIM, you have the perfect overview, intuitive and controlled centrally. It is self-explanatory and easy to use, and an alarm always goes to the employee who needs to see it, with all the information he needs.

G-SIM and GEUTEBRÜCK CCTV SYSTEMS are widely used by top-end 5* hotels around the world, e. g. the Adlon Kempinski, Berlin, Germany; the Hilton Ankara, Turkey and many others.



Tracking and monitoring of hotel staff and valuable objects has become a major issue in 5* hotels. Theft, smuggling, patrol procedures and absence at the workplace are just some of the issues, the hotel security manager has to deal with.
The uniTAG aRFID TRACKER allows the seamless tracking of employees and objects when necessary. Virtual fencing allows specific alarm management, if a staff member enters a restricted area or an object leaves a certain area.
uniTAG aRFID TRACKER can be also used to provide security to VIPs or children, in order to give them special protection...
The uniTAG aRFID TRACKER series enables the the tracking of hotel staff, security guards, hotel limousines, VIP guests, kids and valuable objects (e. g. general keys) within the hotel property and beyond. Tracking is ensured via installed network antennas and repeater TAGs, or via GSM outside the property.
All uniTAGs are available as active RFID, GSM or GPS/aGPRS modules. Virtual fencing zones allow individual access rights for every staff member or object.
  • Tracking of hotel staff, VIP guests, objects and limousines
  • Alarm management (tracking of theft/abuse)
  • Fully programmable according to local data protection laws
  • Security staff patrol tracking, Access Rights managing
for staff, virtual fencing
  • Housekeeping real-time management options
  • Cost-efficient tracking and monitoring
  • Automatic registration of hotel staff once
they enter/leave the hotel property (Punch-in/ Punch-out not any longer necessary)
  • Advanced evacuation & crisis reactive management