Due to the politically unstable situation, instability in many countries has risen and attacks on embassies have increased. Therefore, security should be developed and upgraded as the top priority to protect the staff and visitors on foreign land.
As a conclusion, existing security measures and construction security need to be upgraded and smart technology should replace outdated or missing technologies where needed and support the security personnel in securing the embassies, ambassadors and employees.
Moreover, smart security technologies, like provided from unival group, will fit in unobtrusively as possible, gathering all security related information without attracting too much attention.

An embassy is much more than a building or a work of architecture; it functions as a symbolic representation of countries’ relationships to one another.  
It represents the universal language of diplomacy – “communicating values and ideals, extending well beyond any moment in time”.

An embassy has the difficult task of representing two diametrically opposed concepts: security and openness.


The former typically overpowers the latter in importance, which is most probably why when we think of foreign embassies, it conjures up images of stately monolithic buildings surrounded by tall fences and menacing guards or “bunkers, bland cubes, lifeless compounds”.
In order to provide maximum protection for both the embassy buildings, staff, VIPs, visitors and (local) security forces, unival provides a multi-level security concept which consists of several security layers in order to prevent or counter any possible threat.
With our own engineers and highly-specialized engineering and programing resources at our hands, we develop modern C4I interfaces for a seamless interaction of different products and information resources.

Based on this concept we have developed unique security concepts for governmental buildings located in high-risk environments that require a customized adaption and integration.

Exemplary model | © unival® group