Especially for near field scenarios, when strong transmitters are close to the RCIED receiver and the jamming system or in conference rooms (closed environments), where mobile-phones are not allowed to be switched ON, unival offers the BANDSELECTIVE REACTIVE/ RESPONSIVE - JAMMING technology as an modular add-on feature for our XWJ2 digital wideband jamming systems.

  • Band-selective means, that the jammer reacts on signal activities in pre-defined frequency bands (f.e. GSM, Wi-Fi etc.) automatically. Only if signal activity is detected with a related signal strength, the jammer turns on in this frequency band for a programmable period of time. Therefore the transmission source can be identified through the frequency band, which switches ON.
  • Vice versa, our XWJ2 bandselective reactive jammers can also exclude certain frequency bands from being blocked, if needed.
  • Strength level-meter is programmable and defines the field strength, when a jammer has to turn ON. So it differentiates between signals from outside or coming from the inside of a closed environment.
Since increased power on a target normally provides more reliable suppression of the RCIED, reactive jamming is more effective in defeating high-power RCIEDs. However, as many RCIED transmission signals are at power levels below the resident EM environment, reactive jamming must be coupled with active jamming system to provide full coverage against an array of high- and low-power RCIEDs.