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Like it or not, work has changed dramatically with COVID-19. While shifting your office staff to home office is already a challenge, managing your service and field staff at remote locations considering travel restrictions quickly develops into a nightmare; especially for your clients! In security, 24/7 is not an option but a must. Dedicated services are mission critical.

With unir3mote.com, we are taking service and remote support to the next level.

uniR3MOTE is a dedicated software platform that combines hardware and software while providing an immersive and highly collaborative support and communication structure that gets the job done. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our new iOS (https://lnkd.in/eN5sSfw) and Google Play Apps (https://lnkd.in/ew38Set) are connecting our clients to the unival group GmbH service experts including AR supported vision. With the r3mt headset, live view and live interaction will enable remote sessions that solve the problem faster and more productive.

Contact us | >> HERE | to support your remote service requirements and arrange for a free POC.