A personal experience and a look forward …

2020 has put everything into perspective and forces a new way of thinking. 

Let me start with a quote: “Parents can only give good advice or put their children on the right path. The final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.”— Anne Frank

I am quoting Anne Frank, because she symbolises the active choice you have to make. Every day.

2020 marks a turning point in my view. For even if most people hope to regain the previously known normality with a vaccination, some irrevocable changes will have taken place of which we should at least be aware and accept as part of change.

And while it is so important to daily work on our virtues, to strive for wisdom, to seek justice, to act with fortitude, to establish self-control, to give love, to have a positive attitude, to work hard, to protect integrity, to choose gratitude and feel humility; in the same moment for me 2020 was about three other attributes that had the biggest impact on getting well through this rollercoaster of a year. For me these properties were: 


RELIABILITY, in challenging times it is so important to have people and partners to trust. Being able to fight forward while knowing your back is covered is such an important feeling that you surely don’t want to miss it anymore.

RESPONSIBILITY, whether you are choosing to wear a mask and follow rules to keep yourself and other people safe, or whether you are simply taking care of the world around you. Don’t take nature, love, time and precious moments for granted. We have to work on making the daily impact and strive to be better.

RESILIENCE, to maintain all your virtues under pandemic pressure, to fight harder, responding to crisis with style, creativity and disruptive thinking. The people, companies and organizations that have used the crisis to define a strategy for the new reality and are even achieving growth under very challenging circumstances. Inspiration is everywhere, just pick it up.

As Anne Frank said it, we have our destiny in our own hands. But it helps to know you can trust, you feel the common desire to achieve mutual success and to acknowledge that pressure is power to change.

We are very grateful for a successful year 2020 that was made possible because of great partners, clients, friends and family. 

Wishing you a peaceful time in your inner circle with lots of lots of joy and love. We can promise that we are looking forward to a new year 2021 with all its challenges.

We will walk the extra mile to make it a better year.

Best wishes from the unival team

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