No matter how many features for automatic detection and processing filters are provided from modern x-ray equipment , the final decision must always be made from a well -trained operator. An x-ray machine is just a tool in their hands. In fact, the best and most expensive screening equipment is only of limited use, if the operator fails to recognize the threat in the provided x-ray image.

According to many researchers and tests in the aviation security industry, as the most regulated field of security screening, the human operator is currently the weakest link in airport security. Therefore, effective and efficient training should still be the the highest priority in all types of security operations.

Combining all screening equipment, we are able to provide individual training for operators of various screening machines: Portable and bag scanners, car, truck and bus scanners as well as other screening equipment that is in active use in security checkpoints. The same goes for metal door detectors, handheld metal detectors, explosive detectors, liquid and explosive detector and other  professional security equipment.

Our training covers, not just operator training but also Supervisor and Administrator training and includes basics of X-Ray technologies, safety measures, X-Ray image interpretation, threat recognition techniques, car, truck and person search techniques and checkpoint operations.

Equally important, we naturally also cover preventive and corrective maintenance training for service personnel of screening equipment.

Our team of highly specialized professionals will adapt and create training plans and programs exactly to your needs in order to reach maximum effectiveness of the available resources.

Should we recognize that your security team is in need of additional more effective tools, we will consult you state of the art technology and the procurement of such equipment with a strong focus of best price/ value and the lowest possible cost of ownership.