The unival XWJ2 series represents the latest generation of our multi-purpose  smart digital wideband jamming systems.

Using state-of-the-art software along with the best hardware components available, the unival XWJ2 series achieves an outstanding jamming performance compared to conventional jamming systems.

Based on one design platform, the modular system can be turned into the required jamming system, for vehicle/ convoy based, portable or stationary scenarios (f.e. conference room jammer).

All jamming modules are fully ruggedized with an aluminum body, which is manufactured according to MIL specifications (MIL STD 810F and IP 65).

Each module is equipped with smart power management, is freely programmable and enables a semi-reactive or conventional jamming mode. Each module can operate as a subsystem or independently as a stand-alone jammer with its own FPGA/ DDS board, a pluggable battery, one or two amplifiers and a directional/ omnidirectional antenna.

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The control of power output, frequencies and jamming techniques can be programmed directly to the FPGA board/ DDS chipsets.

100 % German technologies: all main components and system parts are made in Germany with full system certification.