uniVISION TACTICAL LIGHTS are especially designed to deliver brightest light on the spot when needed. Strong searchlights are increasing the tactical capabilities of any security personnel significantly.

 Especially during security patrols at night or special operations in the dark, reliable, adjustable and bright light is an essential requirement.

uniVISION TACTICAL LIGHTS help to investigate any suspicious spot, but can be also used for tactical purposes, such as night patrols, dazzling or light signals.
uniVISION TACTICAL LIGHTS are strong, small and resistant searchlights, available in different size categories and representing the latest generation of tactical searchlights. They have been especially designed for police, law enforcement and military applications and are built to work under harshest conditions.

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uniVISION TACTICAL LIGHT M50 (sample device):
  • Highly visible white light (newest Cree XM-L2 LED)
  • Maximum performance of 920 lumen
  • Maximum distance of 680 m
  • Focusable beam (spot to wide angle)
  • “Clickfor” function for instant maximum power output Strobe Mode
  • More than 10 h power (100 lumen), 3,5 h (350 lumen) and 1,3 h (920 lumen)
  • Extremely robust and tested under harshest conditions
  • Impact resistant & water proofed (IXP-8 Standard)
  • Anti-scratch hard-anodized aluminum shell
  • Attachable to military rifles or MPs
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