unival XWJ2 | Micro JAMMING SYSTEM

FPGA/ DDS/ PLL band selective reactive jammer

The unival XWJ2 Micro Jamming System is specially designed to suppress most effectively all frequencies (low band to high band) in a conference room, prison environment or other closed areas, in order to prevent any transmission and bugging. 

It will therefore all secure communication for all participants in that area. Even if a smartphone or cellphone is smuggled inside the room, the transmission will be blocked. Eavesdropping devices such as bugs and wireless video cameras will be blocked too from unwanted transmission.
As the XWJ2 Micro Jamming System  is fully programmable, the jamming frequencies and modulation can be specifically tuned also in the future, if the mobile frequencies are changed or added in the country.
Due to its modular design theXWJ2 Micro Jamming System can be upgraded in the future, e. g. with a bandselective responsive  jamming module, in order to counter any potential upcoming threat.

© unival group GmbH | unival XWJ2 | Micro JAMMING SYSTEM


  • DDS/ PLL/ FPGA circuit board configuration
  • Band Receiver (frequency selective) for signal activity measurement and monitoring/ responsive adjustment,
  • Smart Frequency Band Responsive System, IP Network Configuration,
  • Shielded Aluminum Case, Mod. 2018

Frequency bands:

  • GSM-900 (935-960) MHz
  • GSM-1800 (1805-1880) MHz
  • 3G (CDMA ) (2100-2170) MHz
  • 4G LTE (2500-2570) MHz
  • 4G LTE (2620-2690) MHz
  • Wi-Fi/ Wireless Local Area Network/ Bluetooth (2400-2500) MHz
  • Wi-Fi/ Wireless Local Area Network (5180-5825) MHz
  • Other frequency bands on request.

Power input: PoE/ 24-48V
Operation Temperature: -20 to + 75C
Humidity: up to 90 %
USB port for individual programming
HS Code: 85432000

Provision of TCP IP PoE Network infrastructure (CAT 5 / CAT 6 cabling) and full PoE switch infrastructure is mandatory.

Minimum Jamming radius per jammer: 2 x 2 meter @ -85 dBm. 2 x 4 meter and more in a jamming cloud (with support of jammers in neighboring surrounding).

In case of an export outside of the European Union the goods are subject to export control (Legislative basis: Art. 22 Abs. 8 & 10 EG-Dual-Use-VO).