The special “HUNTING” configuration of the unival SURVEILLANCE VAN allows the conduction of COMINT (Communication Intelligence) operations and can be additionally or solely installed into the van. The system allows to automatically detect, identify, track, record and analyze signals.
  • COMINT DF module (Direction Finding),
  • enables automatic detection, analysis and position-fixing of electromagnetic
  • emissions in the frequency range of ≤ 20 MHz to ≥ 9 GHz
  • COMINT GSM module (Legal Interception)
  • Integrated DWJ1 Communication Jammer

Furthermore, the (legal) jamming of the desired frequencies is possible with an integrated DWJ1 Jammer, which makes the unival SURVEILLANCE VAN especially powerful for intelligence agencies.

© unival group GmbH | unival UNDER-COVER SURVEILLANCE VAN
The unival® UNDER-COVER SURVEILLANCE VAN has to meet the following requirements:
  • Fully tinted glazed vehicle with an additional bench behind the driver and co-driver
  • Operational unmanned via wireless remote controls
  • No additional antennas shall be fitted
  • The cargo compartment shall be equipped with a shelf system for the equipment
  • The shelf system shall be equipped with the technology
  • Outer appearance of the vehicle shall be civilian
  • Under-Cover surveillance vehicle shall look like a frequently used vehicle/ SUV