Developed and manufactured in Germany, the HERBERTZHORN presents the most efficient acoustic defense system on the market. Usable for a variety of applications, the HERBERTZHORN is a non-lethal alternative to stop & keep any person at distance of up to 300 m.
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  • Energy source: pneumatic
  • Minimum pay load carrier vehicle: 3.5 ton
  • Input power: 25.000 watt
  • Manual and automatic control
  • Sound power: 13.500 watt
  • Frequency: 1,5 to 2,2 kHz
  • Air consumption 300 l/sec
  • Included camera surveillance and distance measurement
  • Operable temperature range: -10°C to + 45°C (basic configuration)
  • Sound pressure level: up to 188 dB, operating pressure: 2,2 to 3,4 bar
  • Highly sound isolated vehicle cabin
  • Humidity proofed, protected against dust and sand
  • Pivoting range: horizontal 180 Grad; vertical -15°C up to + 75 °C

The HERBERTZHORN can be delivered as a Military version or as a police version. Maritime installment is also possible.