Ballistic protection is one of the most important gear for special forces and security personnel because it enhances their survivability in hostile environments.

Special material technology, human factors engineering, and quality control enables unival to provide comfortable, durable and NIJ certified ballistic protection that is optimized for all combat situations.
The following ballistic vests are available:
  • MOLLE Quick Release Vests
  • Load Bearing Armor Vests
  • Tactical Vests
Ballistic area: Front, Back, Neck, Shoulder, Side, Groin
Basic protection level: NIJ Level III A (NIJ-STD-0101.06) | 357 SIG FMJFN 1470 +30 ft/s | 44. Magnum SJHP 1430 +30 ft/s
Ballistic material: Aramid (HERACRON) fabric or UHMWPE
External material: Polyester Fabric or Nylon with PU coating
Weight: Approx. 3 kg
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