uniTRAX FLEET CONTROL enables the monitoring and management of a whole vehicle fleet via the uniTRAX SMART MOBILITY TRACKER technology.

uniTRAX FLEET CONTROL features powerful and easy-to-use tools for operational tracking and control of of thousands of vehicles at the same time instantly and without any delay, by personnel from a central Command & Control Room. Additional features like fuel management, geofencing, routing, rule setting and many more, are making the uniTRAX SMART MOBILITY TRACKER the perfect tool to cut costs and improve security.

uniTRAX SMART MOBILITY TRACKER is optimized for quick and easy use by the control personnel, especially when monitoring a very large number of vehicles at the same time, and includes tools for:

  • Showing/hiding of an arbitrary number of vehicles with a single click
  • Focusing and centring on the map of a single vehicle or a group of arbitrary number of vehicles with a single click
  • Using of colour codes to show whether vehicles are in movement, quick or longer stop or rest
  • Real-time tracking of the movement of a selected vehicle with continuous automatic centring on the map, ...and many others
uniTRAX SMART MOBILITY TRACKER’s own advanced map engine enhances the software to a fully functional specialized Geographic Information System. The advanced map engine comes with rich and powerful functionality for analysis, visualization, and management of geographic and location-based information.

Features, why companies like Coca Cola, DHL or DB Schenker have chosen uniTRAX SMART MOBILITY TRACKER for their vehicle fleets!
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uniTRAX SMART MOBILITY TRACKER employs a set of methods for fuel monitoring and management to achieve full objective control over the use of fuel throughout all fleet operations.

uniTRAX SMART MOBILITY TRACKER offers a full spectrum of hardware and software tools for fuel control, as follows:

  • Real-time monitoring of the fuel level in the vehicle tanks through the use the standard built-in fuel gauge of the vehicle, or a specialized capacitance fuel-level meter, additionally installed in the vehicle tank
  • Real-time fuel consumption control through the use of additionally installed specialized flow-meters
  • Automated Fuel Supply control, e. g. by double verification via uniTAG aRFID TAGs
These methods which will lead to maximum results while minimizing the expenses for control equipment and saving money by avoiding fuel theft and vehicle manipulation.