Whether staff, service technicians, security forces or visitors, there are manifold reasons to track and localize people inside security facilities or criticial infrastructure.

With uniTAG you can monitor and track persons easily and precise with aRFID (active RFID) and BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy).

aRFID will track people on the long range in- and outside of buildings while BLE will act as a near-field and redundant identification technology in a Bluetooth® network. This will give you unmatched advantages for keeping unwanted people away from restricted areas, eliminating theft and coordinating workforce.

The uniTAG ACTIVE TRACKING ID CARD will be used for tracking of people and objects in the coverage areas of the related infrastructure (also inside buildings, offices, elevators etc.).

Any uniTAG infrastructure is freely scalable, so that future requirements can be covered and upgraded in terms of technology and quantity. The transmitting power is 10mW in order to ensure a large coverage area.

The uniTAG ID card can be fully customized.

The uniTAG ACTIVE TRACKING ID CARD will be assigned to the name and picture of persons in  the software. So each person can be tracked individually. The aRFID tracking coordinates can also be connected with a CCTV system for real time video surveillance.