The uniSCAN SDR | SCANNING DYNAMIC RADAR sensor offers a 360° round scan with reliable measurement of surfaces, persons and objects distance between the radar front end and any surface capable of reflecting microwave around 77GHz. The uniSCAN SDR offers an extremely high update rate of up to 1600 measurements per second and an accuracy of down to <10mm depending on the measured range. The uniSCAN SDR is very flexible by sending its raw data of selected angular segments to the uniSCAN RPU | RADAR PROCESSING UNIT via Ethernet.
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The external uniSCAN RPU offers a basic easy web based management and service interface, visualizing current and historic measured data. A variety of common field bus automation interfaces allow easy machine or facility integration.

The uSDR can be optionally combined with the uniSCAN PRD | PRECISION ROTARY DRIVE, in order to achieve a full 3D Radar with 360°x360°, which is only reduced by the occlusion created by the mount and casing.

Application Range
The uniSCAN SDR can be applied in combination with a suitable 360° video surveillance system, in order o combine both advantages of radar detection and video surveillance. It offers reliable measurements of the angle, distance and intensity to an object or a surface. The object can be therefore defined at the long-range (vehicle or person), so the camera will be automatically focused on the detected object.
The uniSCAN SDR can be used at the outer perimeter of critical infrastructure, in surveillance vehicles or similar surveillance scenarios. Especially when it is integrated in a video security system, the uniSCAN SDR enhances the capabilities of conventional video surveillance significantly. The uniSCAN SDR does not require an export license!