uniGATE HEART BEAT DETECTOR is a-one-of-a-kind security inspection system that detects human beings by sensing the vibrations caused by the human heartbeat hiding in vehicles or containers that are loaded on vehicles.

uniGATE HEART BEAT DETECTOR is primarily used in the uniGATE SCREENING CHECKPOINTS for vehicles and allows easy and efficient detection of smuggled humans.

uniGATE HEART BEAT DETECTOR delivers reliable, efficient performance

  • Reliability — Accurate results in a variety of environmental conditions, including dry, dusty, wet and hot/cold environments
  • Speed — Fast processing for maximum efficiency
  • Accuracy — Lower false alarm rates than any other available product
  • Safety — No risks to operator or detected persons during operation
  • Unmatched flexibility — Portable and industrial versions meet your environmental or operational requirements. All systems have touch screen displays for ease of use.
  • Economy — Far less capital-intensive than dedicated vehicle/cargo X-ray machines
  • Light, compact sensors — Twice the holding power of previous sensors
  • Flexible cabling — Heavy duty connectors for maximum cable life
  • Superior data transfer — High-speed USB interface between the control box module and host computer