The screening of people, bags, cargo and vehicles at airports and border checkpoints, but also in prisons, sea ports, schools, factories, distribution centers, stadiums and event arenas is a crucial, but expensive and a lengthy process in nowadays security.

unival offers a wide range of next generation security systems for comprehensive screening applications. The systems range from A.I. supported baggage X-ray systems to full body scanners and complete car and truck scanner. In general highly skilled security operators are needed to operate these systems efficiently.

With the oneclick™ platform, a special streaming technology for the remote use of all relevant security systems supplied by unival is now available. This allows a unique way of remote control for all systems, as only encrypted image information is transmitted to the operator and control signals are transported back again. The applications and data themselves never leave the data processing location.

Next-generation A.I. supported baggage X-ray BV STREAM
Safe and efficient remote control via oneclick™
oneclick™ cloud desktop for security systems by unival

With unival security systems combined with oneclick™, security becomes much more cost-efficient and easier. The streaming method guarantees compliance with strict security requirements, while at the same time ensuring flexibility through remote operation. The application ranges from single remotely operated systems, up to complete checkpoints and a complete security infrastructure.

“For future logistics applications, the speed and processing of the data will have a considerable influence on real-time handling,” says David Vollmar, Managing Director unival group. “The faster the processing, the more checks can actually be performed. So, the new formula is time is money is security, because current figures clearly show that a large proportion of illegal activities is made possible by the absence of controls. The shorter the processing time per check, the more checks can be carried out logically. Thus, the use of oneclick™ de facto enables more and better security checks to be carried out.”

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Smart person screening with CONPASS SMART 5AI at a checkpoint, with possible remote control via oneclick™