With the unival TEAMVIEWER Online Meeting we would like to offer the opportunity to arrange for a personal introduction of the unival® group product of choice from the comfort of your office. You will be online connected with a unival® group team member, who will introduce the company, our products in general and will assist with any technical information that is required. This is applicable for a single product of choice as well as a general information request or a live presentation. Please inform us about your requirement in our online meeting request form.

In order to arrange a meeting please send us an online meeting request as per follows: ONLINE MEETING REQUEST

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We look forward to your message!

You can download the TEAMVIEWER SOFTWARE from the following link: TEAMVIEWER

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We will send the meeting-ID before the start of the session by email. You just have to start the meeting by entering the ID into the TEAMVIEWER console and will be automatically connected to the online meeting session.

Support documents can be downloaded directly from the TEAMVIEWER support website:

The unival TEAMVIEWER online meeting is highly secure with a AES 256 bit and RSA 2.048 bit encryption, ensuring that your conversation with us will remain confidential. We can offer both voice and video calls as well as screen sharing and remote control (for online trainings).
If you need any further information, please contact our administration under the following email address: