The threat of terroristic attacks has significantly increased in the last years. The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen have caused a spread of terrorism is expanding into the Middle-East, Northern Africa, Asia and also into Europe. The professional propaganda carried out by IS and al Qaida have attracted many followers. Attacks range from well-organized and professionally conducted missions to assaults carried out by “lone wolf” perpetrators.

In addition to physical threats a massively growing number of IT related attacks require professional data protection and counter-monitoring solutions in order to prevent information loss and significant collateral damages. Security services and also corporate security organizations are overwhelmed with such a wide spectrum of threats.  As a clear consequence governmental authorities as well as corporate organizations are obligated to raise the protection of their personnel as well as their properties.

Consequently the only way to achieve professional security standards is a Multi-Level Security approach that combines high-end products into a sophisticated security mesh of complementary technologies. With more than 10 years of operational experience in security related R&D, manufacturing, world-wide business development, distribution and integration, unival® group is a leading security provider.

With selected partners and security alliances we are able to customize security solutions for scenario- and organization-specific requirements that can withstand the highest security threats.
© unival group GmbH | SECURITY LEVELS
© unival group GmbH | SECURITY LEVELS
We support our clients from the first phase of setting-up a suitable security architecture, to a progressive integration of security measures and systems based on the local conditions and requirements, up to the installation of a training and service infrastructure at-site in order to ensure professional execution and usage of the available equipment. 
With our own engineers and highly-specialized engineering and programing resources at our hands, we develop modern C4I interfaces for a seamless interaction of different products and information resources.

Based on this concept we have developed unique security concepts for special user groups operating in high-risk environments that require a customized adaption and expansive integration.