A Mosque is much more than a building or a work of architecture; it functions as a symbolic representation of religion and respect.  
It represents the universal language of believe in God – “communicating values and ideals, extending well beyond any moment in time”.  
A Mosque has the difficult task of representing two diametrically opposed concepts: security and openness.
The former typically overpowers the latter in importance, which is most probably why when we think of secure buildings as stately monolithic surrounded by all fences and menacing guards or “bunkers.
The special task will be to provide security with the utmost respect for the religious requirements.


Furthermore, in order to achieve best results, modern MOSQUE security should to fulfill the following points (but not limited to):
  • Not affecting the comfort of the visitors
  • A good balance between visible and invisible security measures (to give visitors a safety feeling and to discourage potential trouble makers)
  • Reliable and unintrusive screening technologies for bags and persons
  • Monitoring of all critical areas of a Mosque
  • Special protection for VIPs
  • Crisis and worst-case scenario first response (counter-terrorism)


All unival group constructional security measures, ranging from steel works to glazing or concrete works, have been fully tested and certified in Germany; This is ensuring highest protection standards for all manufactured parts.
All tests have been carried out by official German and international institutions, in order to meet the highest resistance classes in terms of:
  • Burglary protection
    (DIN EN 1627 – 1630, RC1 to RC6)
  • Fire Prevention
    (DIN 4102 T30 – T90 und G30 – G120, DIN 18095)
  • Ballistic protection
    (DIN EN 1522, FB1 – FB7/NS)
  • Blast protection
    (DIN EN 13123 – 1 und 13124 – 1, Open field trials, EPR1 – EPR4, NATO STANAG)
Therefore, all necessary EU and international DIN norms and other necessary certificates can be provided, to ensure highest safety in high-risk environments abroad. Testing institutions include (but not limited to):
  • Beschussamt Ulm, Beschussamt Mellrichstadt, Fraunhofer Ernst Mach Institut, Universität München, Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, MFPA Leipzig, PTE Rosenheim, Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research and others.
unival HIGH SECURITY GUARDHOUSES are flexible planned, pre-fabricated guardhouses with various configuration options including module stacking and are ideal for mosque perimeter entrance points.
  • Modular, pre-fabricated guard houses
  • Customizable to the local requirements, can be concealed with any facade
  • Relocatable
  • Assembled and manufactured in Germany according to highest German quality & protection standards
  • Usable for access points, as Command & Control Room, Power Supply Room, Server Room or SECURITY SCREENING ROOM
  • Highest protection levels: FB7-NS (EN 1522/1523), RC6 (EN 1627), F90, blasts up to STANAG level
unival HIGH SECURITY GUARDHOUSES are used worldwide for critical infrastructure, governmental protection, prisons or border missions, such as EUBAM.